Electronic Fabrication Room

Facility Features

XTRM-SPRL specializes in the fabrication and testing of equipment for any situation. Our expertise in electronic design ranges from specialized high-voltage power supplies to precision microprocessors.


Electronics fabrication and assembly clean room 

30′ x 22′ class 1,000 high bay clean room

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) safe benches, floors with constant monitors

Full bench length Electrostatic discharge (ESD) ionizers

Metcal MX-5200 soldering stations

Luxo Microscopes

Hot Air Bath and Hot Air Pencil Rework stations

MannCorp Manual SMT pick and place machine

MannCorp Manual Solder Paste Stencil Printer

MannCorp IR Reflow Oven

MannCorp Electronic Component Dry Box

Electronics test and microprocessor development equipment

Clean assembly areas

horizontal flow class 100 clean tunnel

laminar flow assembly benches