Environmental Testing Lab

Facility Features

XTRM-SPRL specializes in the fabrication and testing of equipment for any situation. An important feature of our lab is our extensive testing facilities. SPRL’s environmental testing facilities available to the University community include vibration tables for launch simulations, and thermal and vacuum chambers. Whether it’s the turmoil of rocket launch thrust oscillations or the intense pressure of the ocean floor, you can make sure your design is rugged and airtight with our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise.


Gross physical plant

Gross physical plant 63,000 sq. ft

Clean Room

Class 10,000 high-bay integration clean room

High-bay integration and test laboratory 

Vibration test facility

Up to 6500 lbs force for objects up to 24” square.

Vacuum chambers

Capable of 5 x 10 ^-6 torr for objects up to 18 inches wide x 48 inches long