Machine Shop V1

SPRL does fabrication as well as testing! We do everything from large structures to fine electronics.

Facility Features:

  • Drafting and mechanical design facilities
  • ROMI, Horizontal CNC Lathe, M-17
  • HAAS, Vertical CNC Mill, TM-1
  • Millennium, Vertical CNC Mill, 3100m
  • Monarch, Horizontal Lathe, 10EE
  • Bridge Port, Horizontal Lathes
  • Vertical Band Saws
  • Drill presses
  • Metal Shear
  • Metal Bending Brake
  • TIG Welder

Fabrication Room:

  • ESD safe benches, floors with constant monitors
  • Metcal MX-5200 soldering stations
  • Luxo Microscopes
  • Full bench length ESD ionizers
  • Hot Air Bath and Hot Air Pencil Rework stations
  • MannCorp Manual SMT pick and place machine
  • MannCorp Manual Solder Paste Stencil Printer
  • MannCorp IR Reflow Oven
  • MannCorp Electronic Component Dry Box