Machine Shop

To execute any vision, you have to use top-of-the-line tools. Our engineers have built more than 30 space instruments; instrumented numerous sounding rockets, balloons, and aircraft; and developed ground-based instruments. We have extensive machining facilities– from CNC lathes to TIG welders, and the expertise to get the job done with precision. 


Drafting and mechanical design facilities


CNC Machinery

HAAS, Vertical CNC Mill, TM-1

ROMI, Horizontal CNC Lathe, M-17

Millennium, Vertical CNC Mill, 3100m

Manual Lathes

Monarch, Horizontal Lathe, 10EE

Bridge Port, Horizontal Lathes


Several Vertical Band Saws

Drill Press

Several drill presses

More Metal Working

Metal shear

Metal bending break

TIG Welder