Technology development – Unique things we have done

SPRL has always been on the cutting edge of technological development since its founding in 1946– exploring space before NASA. We’re a lab that innovates and we work with you to fit your constraints– designing and fabricating precision equipment that goes above and beyond. Check out our general lab—where every project starts. 



Working with high power and high voltage systems does get us energized! SPRL’s Electronic Fabrication Lab provides the university community with access to high-end facilities and professional expertise in high voltage and precision electronic design and fabrication as applicable to a wide variety of different disciplines. SPRL frequently provides services in electronic fabrication beyond the academic community as well—for example, we are responsible for the creation of HV power supplies for numerous NASA projects.

Key Technology

  • Embedded processors
  • Custom & Programmable Circuit Devices (FPGA, ASIC, Hybrids)
  • Low level signal conditioning
  • RF Oscillators
  • Custom Magnetics
  • Motor & Servo Control


Often tasked with the fabrication of equipment and sensors for extreme environments, XTRM-SPRL specializes in building tough and durable equipment. Does your tech need to withstand sub-zero temperatures, desert sand storms, or flights through the vacuum of space? We’re your lab. Check out our Environmental Testing Lab and Machine shop.

Key Capabilities

Sensor Design

The tech we design is tough but also refined. We’ve sent miniaturized Mass Spectrometers to Mars, electric field sensors to Antarctica, and ion sensors to the Sun. Check out what else we’re capable of in our SPRL labs.



What’s precision technology without precision control? SPRL can help you develop exact controls and analysis to match the quality technology developed in our lab.

Key Capabilities


SPRL frequently collaborates with other universities, independent engineering labs, and NASA  We work on all parts of projects and will work with you through the whole process. Whether that’s modeling and design at the beginning, or performance and accuracy analysis at the end. We do it all.


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