High Voltage

XTRM-SPRL has a long track record of providing high reliability high-voltage systems for ground and space based applications.

Radiation Works

A project developing different instruments for high-voltage shielding including traditional high-voltage power supplies (HVPS), novel high-voltage charge accumulators (HVCA), and intricate electric-field shielding arrays.

Planetary Instrument for X-ray Lithochemistry

A Microfocus X-ray fluorescence (XRF) instrument with its HVPS housed in a compact package.

Pick-up Ion Spectrometer

A technology development effort for an innovative 100 kV HVPS to measure rare low charge pickup ions as well as isotopes.

Solar Orbiter – Heavy Ion Sensor

The Heavy Ion Sensor (HIS) utilizes a specially designed HVPS to measure solar wind heavy ions and pickup ions for the Solar Orbiter mission, which seeks to address how the solar wind and the solar magnetic field are generated in the solar corona.